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The best praise is the one received from customers.

Decisions taken solely through your own perceptions are not, in most of the cases, happy ones.  When working with a large number of clients it is a must to know their perception about you. This requires professionals.

Romulus Oprica stood close to us in the recent years and helped us to know our clients better and make the right decisions in order to stabilize and grow our business.

Alexandru VLAD

CEO Selgros Germany

I have meet Romulus OPRICA [BrandBerry] a few years ago, while I was searching for a market researcher to help us in a big investment project. Working with him was a pleasure and it proves to be the right choice: his client orientated, open minded, versatile and proactive partner.

He has a good understanding of the market and a sharp entrepreneurial spirit; all of this made me to highly recommend Romulus as the right partner to work with!


(former) Deloitte Manager

The sociological research conducted by Romulus OPRICA (BrandBerry) has been very useful to us in the election campaign for Euro-Parliamentary elections (2019) in order to understand both the profile of our electorate and that of the competitors. The detailed sociological interpretations have helped us to reach very useful qualitative conclusions, and the online means of data collection have allowed us to reduce costs to a minimum.

Irineu DARĂU

USR party, Brașov county president

The marketing research that Romulus Oprica (BrandBerry) has done for us has helped us to better understand the position we occupy in the Romanian market, in relation to the competition, to identify which are the most important elements in the relationship with our customers and to develop a more effective marketing and communication strategy with customers throughout the country.

From our collaboration and experience with BrandBerry, we can characterize them as very professional in approach and very pleasant to work with. We are pleased to recommend Romulus to anyone who needs marketing and market research services.


Coutry Manager HTI România

The collaboration with Romulus Oprica (BrandBerry) extends over a long period, over 5 years. Thus, I had the opportunity to know the consistency and the reliability of his work, but also to appreciate the novelty and the innovation brought every time we made a project in an attempt to understand the client’s perspective.

Our partnership involved the use of various research methods (omnibus, focus group, mysterious client, CATI and CAWI) but all the projects carried out had as common denominator the result I could rely on, doubled by the speed in implementation and completion.


(former CMO) Farmaciile Dona

I worked with sociologist Romulus Oprica to launch a new product on the Romanian market. What I especially appreciated about our collaboration were the professionalism, the involvement, the proactive attitude and the pragmatic approaches of the market research.

His studies and consultancy reports have offered a key role in developing our market strategy and the quality of human relationships completed a good partnership.

Working with Oprica Romulus and his team convinced me that he has expertise and experience to achieve valuable market research, for which I recommend him as a good business partner!


Country Manager Zeelandia

It was a pleasure working with Romulus Oprica. His resourcefulness and ability to see a project through as well as his sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor was extraordinarily helpful in completing our task. I was impressed with his enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.

We at the RedCarpet Agency are looking forward to further cooperating with him on other projects.

Mandana HadjiDai

Owner RedCarpet

Both in the 2016 local elections and in the Euro Parliamentary elections in 2019, the sociologist Romulus Oprica’s assessments were professionally made, with correct results and efficient advice . The advice I received was useful and I would highly recommend it to any candidate for a political office that involves direct interaction with voters.

Costel MIHAI

PMP Party, Brașov County President, Brașov Deputy-Mayor

“Good work!” these are the two words that I can say about our collaboration with BrandBerry*. During the time we had developed our research, they proved to be professional and pleasant to work with. And, regarding the result of the research, I can say that it was real, according to the market. We recommend BrandBerry* as a business partner when you want to know better the attitude of the clients towards you as a company.


COO BRD Sogelease

I met Brandberry in the 2016 local campaign. I was surprised by the accuracy of the pre-election survey presented by them. Even though I didn’t want to believe it, it was verified by the results of the vote. As a result of this, when I was asked by people from the business community in Brasov if I could recommend them a sociologist, I recommended Romulus Oprica and his team.

Cătălin LEONTE

Independent candidate for the position of Mayor of Brașov (2016), Ex-member and First Vice-President of the PSD Brașov County Organization

For the biggest customer-research Selgros Cash & Carry carried out in Romania, we worked with Mr. Romulus OPRICA’s marketing research company and we did a good choice.

He is a client oriented manager, trustworthy and flexible to the client’s needs and we are happy to recommend him and his company as a reliable business partner.


(former) Marketing Manager Selgros Cash & Carry

Working with Romulus Oprica, sociologist and manager at BrandBerry, we saw a pragmatic approach, business-to-business, of the market research. We collaborated several times with him and his company and certainly will continue to do so, because we trust his expertise.

The best recommendation we can give them is his results, every time validated, confirmed by the market. If you need a sociologist, a company of “business intelligence”, someone to present you a correct and complete “picture” of the market, we recommend you with full confidence Oprica Romulus and his market research company!


Brand Manager Skoda, Porsche România

I had a very good experience in working with Mr. Romulus Oprica on the political surveys conducted by BrandBerry in both the pre-campaign phase and in the 2016 election campaign.

Thus I recommend to any political candidate, who wants to be based on statistical data very close to reality, the collaboration in the election campaigns with Mr. Romulus Oprica and BrandBerry.


FDGR Local Counselor – Brasov, candidate for the position of Mayor of Brasov (2016)

We have used Romulus Oprica’s market research expertise in our actions to extend both the services and the range of products offered and the geographical area of action. On this occasion I discovered a customer-oriented expert, versatile and very professional in addressing each request.

We have had several collaborations in this regard and we will certainly use his expertise whenever we need these services.

Ruxandra COC

Doripesco Development Manager

Since 2011, when BrandBerry won the bid organized by Selgros, Romulus Oprica and his team provide us more than 5 marketing research reports, proving in every stage of our partnership that they are very professionals!

They are proactive, flexible and very ingenious in providing all the information we requested.

I gladly recommend Romulus Oprica for any kind of marketing research projects.


COO Selgros Cash & Carry România

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