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Because I can be useful to you! I know my job very well and I am very practical.

Because over the 15 years of experience I have learned the “hard way” what means market research and marketing strategy and I understand very well the client’s decision making mechanisms , whether we are talking about selling a product or ”buying a vote”.

On top of that, my clients have personalized access to the top expertise, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house expert.


Essentially, it is a market research and audit consultancy service of the various providers in this field.

This way I help you get the best service, within an honest budget.

  • support in setting research objectives
  • support in carrying out the task book
  • support / audit in the selection and verification of research service providers
  • evaluation of tenders and suggestions for optimal negotiation
  • auditing the analysis reports
  • data validation
  • facilitating the interpretation and suggestions of superior use of the received data

I share my experience with managers from sales, marketing and HR departments and I facilitate a better understanding of the data, the consumption behavior and I help them to develop the strategy faster.

This way each member of the team I help will be more efficient and will reach their goals faster.

  • optimizing the collection of relevant data
  • standardization and routine analysis processes, data architecture and their correlation with marketing messages
  • support in the development of in-house research tools (questionnaires / interviews), in their application and interpretation
  • support in the marketing, HR and / or sales departments in identifying and preparing the data in order to develop the action strategy
  • training in marketing research, data analysis and research technology
  • auditing / testing of the experts you hire in the marketing departments (data analysis)
  • support in the analysis of internal social networks, in the realization and interpretation of sociograms, information flows and communication nodes

Most companies have resources that they either do not know they have it, or know but cannot use it because they do not have the necessary know-how. Identifying those resources is a real “treasure hunt.”

I talk to key people in the company, I evaluate data collection processes, which you sometimes do not define as such, and I show you what you can do with incredibly little money.

  • Data Mining & Classification (clustering)
  • Data Architecture
  • Big Data Assessment
  • Hands-on proposal for data analysis

Political consultancy

The role of a political consultant is like a magic mirror: it shows you exactly who you are, without lying, but also who you can be if you take the right steps.

In any communication campaign, understanding the target audience is essential. In order to generate an effective electoral campaign, it is compulsory to know how the opinion of the electorate develops, the issues that occupy its attention and how you can draw its attention through public discourse. For this you need sociological, anthropological and marketing consulting.

I understand how the decision making process of the “buyers” that you want works and can help you have a good result in the campaign.

Here’s what I can do for you:
  • plan your election campaign
  • identify the profile of the voters / the structure of the local electorate
  • identify the main themes of electoral speech
  • make the robot portrait of the ideal candidate
  • evaluate the candidates
  • measure the confidence level of the population in the candidates and the intention to vote
  • measure the perception of the electorate in relation to the topics on the agenda
  • identify in the public discourse of the counter-candidates topics that can be used to your advantage
  • analyze voters’ information habits
  • organize your campaign agenda
  • monitor the press (main topics, the discourse of the candidates, etc.)
  • test campaign materials
  • develop campaign messages and visuals
  • manage the online campaign
  • tell you how to avoid mobilizing the adverse electorate

… Do you think I can be useful for you?

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